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The Emporium Mini Golf & Escape Rooms

Emporoium mini golf and escape rooms image.jpg

How we started
The Finneys moved to Kaikoura in August 2016. Prior to that they owned and operated a successful homebrew shop in Christchurch alongside contract brewing their Emporium beers. 
The search for a building in which to house their own brewery led them to stumble upon this current site in Kaikoura. Plenty big enough for the brewery, an existing mini golf course, and lots of potential to add other fun attractions- they couldn't resist! 
Timing wasn't exactly perfect (opening the doors to The Emporium just 5 weeks before the big earthquake) but their determination to put their dream into reality continues to spur them on.

What sets us apart
Not just a brewery, we have an 18 hole mini golf course and two escape rooms. The perfect place to while away an afternoon or to stretch the legs whilst driving along State Highway 1

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