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Ruapehu Brewing Co


How we started

Established in 2017, Ruapehu Brewing Co started out brewing in the small heritage railway station building in Ohakune. This was the regions first brewery, our humble space was tiny, but our Tetris game was strong and we managed to push out lots of beer to our local community. With the local community behind us drinking all we could produce, Ruapehu Brewing Co. was looking for a space to expand. Fast forward to the present day we have joined forces with our mates Big Mountain Mead and have built a new 20HL brewery, Fermenters and Packaging line in the heart of Ohakune.

Onsite you can see our brewery have a tour, Fill up your riggers, Growlers, Flagons or pick up a 6 pack from our fridge.


In the future look out for our exciting Taproom build.


Cheers RBC

What sets us apart

Breweries arend the world are great places for local communities to gather and enjoy. We like to show that local hospitality to everyone that comes through the door, Sharing our passion for brewing beer and cleaning tanks...

Most Famous Style

The locals love our ''Weedcore'' NZIPA and the ''Lord of Darkness'' Stout.

What's available at your venue

Fillery/takeaways on tap

Takeaways in bottles/can

Beer on tap

Family friendly

Dog friendly

Outdoor seating

Wheelchair accessible

Brewery tours available

Merchandise for sale

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