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Patrons Brewing Co


How we started

We love beer so much, we punched a hole in the wall off the side of a Brazilian restaurant to set up a microbrewery.

That’s where we first started brewing fresh, naturally
carbonated beers for, and inspired by, our eclectic
mix of patrons.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, who you love,
or how you earn your crust. What matters is that you’re here

– so pull up a seat and have a drink with us.

What sets us apart

Naturally carbonated beers we do not use any preservatives and are brewing process does not involve any pasteurization or

Most Famous Style

Eddie the Enigma -Hazy Pale Ale
Hermann the German - German lager

What's available at your venue

Tasting flights

Beer on tap

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Food trucks

Live music

Outdoor seating

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Free wifi

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