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How we started
Years ago, a young Richard Emerson sent a postcard back from his OE talking about how he would one day set up a brewpub in Dunedin, like the ones he found whilst travelling. His passion for craft beer was only matched by his passion for food and for the joy of finding a perfect pairing of beer and food. That dream was kept alive during all his years brewing; moving from brewing in his parents' garage to 4 Grange St Brewery in 1993, Brewery #1. 

His partnership with Lion in 2012, helped to speed up bringing this dream to fruition. On the 4th of July 2016, the dream of creating a brewpub in his hometown was finally realised, Emerson's Brewery & Taproom opened at 70 Anzac Ave, Brewery #4, a stone's throw from Dunedin's Forsyth Barr Stadium.


What sets us apart
We pride ourselves on brewing well balanced beers, beers that once you have one pint you always want another one, we strive for drinkability in all our beer.  
And of course we have the one and only Richard Emerson as our founder, that DEAFINITELY sets us apart.

Most famous style
Originally, Emerson's was famous for London Porter and WeissBier, but as time has gone by we have developed a knack for creating well balanced Pale Ales. And of course we are most famous for creating the NZ Pilsner style and still have the largest selling NZ Pilsner in the country, Emerson's Pilsner.

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