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Derelict Brewing

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How we started

Derelict Brewing is a small batch craft beer brewery based in North Canterbury. The brewery is situated on a 10 Acre lifestyle block

which is owned and operated by husband and wife team Sam and Natalie Cottier. Started in 2018, Derelict began by providing beer

to tap rooms in Canterbury and attending festivals. With the uprise in online shopping Derelict Brewing now produce and sell their

beer direct to customers through their webstore.

What sets us apart

Derelict focus on flavour forward, innovative and boundary pushing beers while always keeping the emphasis on a quality product.

Most Famous Style

Derelict produce a wide range of popular styles including Hazy IPA's, Sour Ales and Pastry Stouts. You will not a find a core range of

beer at Derelict, the beers are constantly changing and evolving to keep the creative juices (or beer!) flowing.

Visit our website.

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