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Craftwork Brewery

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How we started

Lee-Ann and Michael's brewing passion was beginning to spiral out of control, and when her second stove blew up, due to boiling heavy
pots of wort, Lee-Ann received a monetary gift, which saw us open our 50 litre commercial home brewery, in L-A's stone basement.

What sets us apart

We only brew Belgian styles, and all of our beer is bottle or keg conditioned. This means our beer takes time; 2 months minimum from brew day to drink day, and we are possibly the only NZ brewery that refuses to brew lager.

Most Famous Style

Of the 4 broad categories that we make, namely farmhouse, Belgian specialty, abbey style, and barrel-aged sours, these are the most popular: Grisette, Flemish Floozie, Good Lord, and Bruxelles ma Belle

What's available at your venue

Fillery/takeaways on tap

Takeaways in bottles/can

Tasting flights

Beer on tap

Bar snack menu

Takeaway food


Family friendly

Dog friendly

Outdoor seating

Wheelchair accessible

Merchandise for sale

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