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Brew Moon Brewing Company

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How we started
A family business, the Brew Moon started when Belinda and Kieran moved to California in the late 1990's, where Belinda was offered a job as a winemaker. The craft beer movement was just taking off in the States at that point, and they decided it would be great to be involved in something similar in NZ. Upon returning to New Zealand, the Brew Moon Brewing Company was started in 2002.

What sets us apart
Like many breweries throughout New Zealand, we attempt to make the best beers possible through the use of traditional (hops, malt, yeast) and less traditional (fruit, spice, bacteria) ingredients. Unlike others, we do all this with our family members as our co-workers, in a small town in North Canterbury.

Most famous style
Since we first started brewing it in 2003, our Hophead IPA has always been our biggest seller. As the American hop craze has taken over, we've started to see our Wolf of Washington APA become equally popular over the last couple of years.

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