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How we started

From our home in Hawke’s Bay, known as the sunny fruit bowl of New Zealand, we craft award-winning beverages made from real fruit and only the best all natural ingredients. Our story began with cider crafted from freshly crushed Hawke’s Bay apples, and we've now grown to make a whole range of beverages including a zingy Alcoholic Ginger Beer, a brand new and incredibly popular Hazy Alcoholic Lemonade and of course our 0% range, which includes a 0% Crisp Apple and 0% Passionfruit. You can find Zeffer pouring in all corners of New Zealand (and the globe!) and every drop begins its journey at our home in Hawke’s Bay.

What sets us apart

We're known for innovation in craft beverages, and for using only real fruit and the best all natural ingredients.

Most Famous Style

Our Apple Crumble Cider might be the one that put us on the map, but we're now known for the range of beverages we produce from

real fruit, including Alcoholic Ginger Beer, Hazy Alcoholic Lemonade and of course our range of 0% cider.

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