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Volstead Trading Company

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How we started

In 2011 we started one of Christchurch's first post-earthquake bars, VOLSTEAD TRADING CO. With a focus on catering to true craft beer aficionados from day one, our range has grown to 26 different craft beers on tap from breweries around the country. In 2019 we started our own brewery right next door, which of course we called VOLSTEAD BREWING CO. Now, in addition to pouring beer from NZ's other premier craft breweries, we are pleased to be making and pouring our own range of thirst quenching and award winning brews right here.

What sets us apart

Our uniqueness lays in the fact that unlike almost every other brewery in the country that starts out as a brewery, and then eventually opens a tap room, we started out with the tap room at VOLSTEAD TRADING CO (as a tap room for all the other NZ craft breweries!) and then started the brewery at VOLSTEAD BREWING CO. This means we avoided all the trial and error a lot of breweries go through to find the brews people love to drink, and were able to use our extensive craft beer experience to make the right brews from day one!

Most Famous Style

Our SINGLE HOP HAZY SERIES showcases a range of single hopped hazy beers, including our legendary and award winning brews HAZY SIR SAUVIN, RIWAKA HAZY and MOSAIC HAZY. As the name implies, each beer is hopped with just one hop variety so that from the moment you open the can and smell the aroma of the particular hop, you're learning all about its unique character. Who said drinking beer couldn't be educational?

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