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Urbanaut Brewing Company
Brewery and Tap Room

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How we started

After a decade of talking about starting a brewery, we decided over a beer one sunny afternoon in 2016 to build a brewery. The next day

we were looking a potential sites in central Auckland and found our current site in Kingsland shortly after. We opened the brewery and

taproom in May 2017 with a launch party.

What sets us apart

We like to explore the possibilities of flavours and packaging. We pioneered Beer Blenders and experimented with 250ml cans in the

New Zealand market.

Most Famous Style

We launched Brut IPAs into the New Zealand market in 2018 with Copacabana Brut IPA. This has become part of our core range and is

one of our iconic beers.

What's available at your venue

Fillery/takeaways on tap

Takeaways in bottles/can

Tasting flights

Beer on tap

Bar snack menu

Full menu



Takeaway food

Family friendly

Dog friendly

Wheelchair accessible

Brewery tours

Free wifi

Merchandise for sale

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