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Three Boys Brewery

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How we started
One of the original "New Wave" breweries in New Zealand, Three Boys was founded in 2004 by scientist-turned-brewer Ralph Bungard and his wife Brigid Casey. It is now one of the few pioneer breweries that has remained independently owned and operated. Three Boys allow you to "bring your own" food to the brewery where you can match your favourite home-made snack or a locally-sourced take-away to our great tap beer selection. Three Boys are renowned for their classic Oyster Stout and their citrus-infused Wheat Beer that are unique stand-outs in a range of beers that are constantly evolving and consistently of the highest quality. Ralph says that "The goal is always to innovate while continuing to provide fresh and consistently high-quality beer". The success of Three Boys, he believes, is closely aligned with their continued long-term commitment and passion for sustainability and local community. Ralph cheekily quips, "if you have not had a Three Boys beer or been to Three Boys brewery, then you really haven't experienced NZ's independent craft beer industry!" Some of what Three Boys has to offer includes:

Oyster Stout - An NZ Classic 
Wheat - Our take of a classic Belgian style with a kiwi twist 
Pils - European style with NZ hop 
IPA - Beautifully balance NZ malt and hops 
Brewers' Reserve Range - a constantly evolving menu of styles

What sets us apart
One of New Zealand's most award-winning breweries including Eight Best in Class trophys and over 80 medals

Most famous style
Oyster Stout, which uses Bluff Oysters in the recipe!

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