The Theoretical Brewer

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How we started
It started innocently enough with a small homebrew kit as a birthday gift from my lovely wife which quickly became an overwhelming obsession until a decision was made to take it to take a leap of faith. The aim was simple, to brew some great beers for the awesome people of Taranaki. 

With a background in Chemical Engineering and a strong interest in the science and process of beer making and of course, love for delicious beers, The Theoretical Brewer was born. 
Like so many before us, it all started in the garage and quickly grew from a small one bench operation to a sprawling multi-vessel 100L brewery.  

Fast outgrowing the garage (and the living room), we have since moved into a shed on Corbett Road, bit by bit transforming the space into an operational 1200L brewery and taproom.

What sets us apart
With a background in Chemical and Materials Engineering and an unquenchable thirst to expand our knowledge in brewing, you can be sure that all our brews are process and technically focused, with a strong emphasis on quality and drinkability.  

Be it classic beer styles or newer experimental ranges, by combining theoretical brewing knowledge and careful experimentation, we aim to craft the best beer possible.

Most famous style
Our flagship beer - The 1st Finch - a 4.5% ABV pale ale, bursting with citrus and tropical flavours, and balanced by a refreshing bitterness. It has been commended by many for its hoppy punch despite having a lower alcohol percentage. 

Chrysanthemum Lager - a 4.4% ABV flavoured lager. Introducing elements from our childhood, Chrysanthemum flowers were fused into a lager. The sweet chrysanthemum flowers give this brew a nice golden hue and a lingering floral aftertaste. This lager won a Gold Medal in NZBGA 2018.

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