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Sprig & Fern Brewing Co.


How we started

Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. started as a brewery in sunny Nelson. The brewery now exclusively supplies 14 Sprig + Fern Taverns with

product, in Wellington, CHCH and Nelson. Other hospitality venues also choose to have Sprig + Fern on tap due to the high quality and

consistent offering of craft beers and ciders. You can find Sprig + Fern Brewing Co. in 440ml Cans, 330ml 6-packs, 888ml Bottles and 1.25L Rigger in supermarkets and other retailers around the country.

What sets us apart

Sprig + Fern Brewing Co.’s Master Brewer Tracy Banner has almost 4 decades in brewing, an international and national beer judge for

some of the most popular and prestigious industry awards, Tracy has earned her title ‘Mother of NZ Brewing’. Tracy has been recently

selected as part of the NZ Hops, Bract Brewer’s Programme (Providing feedback on and exclusive access to trial hops.)

Most Famous Style

Each year our brewery works hard to produce high quality craft beers and ciders, and we consistently scoop up awards within the industry -so it is hard to choose! However, The G.O.A.T Dpppelbock is called that for a reason... multi-award winning, specialty style.

What's available at your venue

Takeaways in bottles/can

Merchandise for sale

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