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The Sawmill Brewery + Smoko Room


How we started
Mike Sutherland and Kirsty McKay took over the Sawmill Brewery from the Freckeltons in 2010. The mission of the brewery, now based in Matakana, is to brew the best possible beer, and to champion independent thinking and resourcefulness.


What sets us apart
There is a strong focus on the environmental and social impact of our business and Sawmill is New Zealand's first B Corporation certified brewery - a global movement of people using business as a force for good. 
Be real, be independent in your thinking and be resourceful. This is Sawmill.

Most famous style
Sawmill is known for making beer that is pared back and clean in style. Our brewing philosophy is to make flavoursome and balanced beer with a Sawmill edge - the willingness to think for ourselves, innovate and be resourceful.  

Freshness is paramount, and the brewing schedule is designed to maximise this.

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