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Rhyme x Reason Brewery

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How we started

This isn’t how it was meant to happen. Jess and Simon were going to move to Yamba, in New South Wales, and open Rhyme x Reason there. They both loved Wānaka, having spent many winters skiing the slopes and hanging out with family, but they had never spent a summer there. Luckily, before leaving for Australia, they did — and discovered there’s a lot more to Wānaka than its ski fields, with the small town becoming a hive of activity under the glorious summer sun. And so NSW’s loss became Wānaka’s gain and they never really looked back.

What sets us apart

RxR is the brainchild of Jess Wolfgang and Simon Ross. Jess is a brewer, Simon an engineer - and the result is a small team brewing, packaging, and distributing craft beers across New Zealand from our in-house production facility.


Simon designed and self-built our packaging lines, so it's pretty hands-on! The whole team helps to brew and pitch recipe ideas, and we’ve had some fantastic creations and collaborations from our bartenders, friends, and neighbours over the years. We’re lucky to draw inspiration from the environment around us, as beautiful Wānaka is a gold mine of all the good stuff. 


Brewing beer in Wanaka: Simon, Jess, Kate, Alex, Cal, Ben, Jonny, Beth, Jayson, and another occasional wacky beetle or two.

Most Famous Style

Our Joy Rider - Pale Ale is world famous in Wānaka, but nationally we sell heaps of Voyage to Nectaron - Hazy IPA, Mt Alpha - West Coast IPA and all of our


What's available at your venue

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Family friendly

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