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Renaissance Brewing - Dodson Street Beer Garden


How we started
Renaissance brewing was established in 2005 when experienced brewers Andy Deuchars and Brian Thiel purchased the lease on the historic Grove Mill in Blenheim. 

Andy and Brian, both natives of Southern California, had one goal in mind - to produce stunning beers in a region more renowned for the excellence of its wines. Spurred on by the winemakers mantra that it takes a lot of beer to make a great wine, as well as the amount of distinguished palates within the region, they set about their task with aplomb.

What sets us apart
Unlike many brands of beer that are available in New Zealand, we actually have a brewery and make our own beer, This gives us more control over the process and quality. As a mature brewery we have been the first to do many of the trendy things that are out in the market currently. We make beers that you can drink more than one of !

Most famous style
Stonecutter - Peated Strong Scotch Ale

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