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Panhead Custom Ales

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How we started

If ya don’t know the name…

Panhead’s been brewing up a ruckus in an old Upper Hutt tyre factory since 2013. We roped in rellies and mates to make it work and got our name from an engine that looks like a pair of pints. We live and breathe Kustom culture, breaking things to make them better, cooler, faster, tastier. Our mission is to get 'better beer everywhere'. Now teamed up with Lion, just about every province that has creative rascals pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, has beer in the fridge brewed with the same spirit.

What sets us apart

Welcome to where things hit a bit different.
A place where we have a crack, have a laugh, and give it heaps.
Home of hot-rods and Harleys, tattoos, music, and brews.

From clean, crisp pilsners to bracing sours and massive hop ordnance, there's no better guide to the stunning diversity of current beer science than Panhead.

Most famous style
Supercharger, an American Pale Ale and the #1 craft beer in New Zealand

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