Mata Beer Brewery Bar & Restaurant

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How we started
Our Brewery was founded by Tammy Viitakangas following an overseas OE where she discovered a love of beer. Upon her return home she began home brewing and fell in love. She managed to convince her parents to join to her on a brewery adventure

What sets us apart
We've always had a love for Kiwiana in both our beer styles and branding. We created NZ's first manuka honey, feijoa, and hangi style beers sold commericially. We pride ourselves on celebrating NZ with indigenous names such as Kapai, Tumeke!, Taniwha, Wai-iti Waka

Most famous style
We're known for nailing festive beer styles, having picked up several golds over the years with our creative beers such as our Taniwha Hangi Beer, Mataccino, Chai Time, Cola Cuz & Sahti.

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