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Garage Project Aro Cellar Door

GP Aro cellar door.jpg

How we started
Garage Project is an independent, Wellington-based brewery from humble beginnings. In 2011, Pete Gillespie, Jos Ruffell and Ian Gillespie transformed an old car garage in Aro Valley to begin brewing 50 litres at a time, 24 new beers in 24 weeks. The 24/24 project produced many beers that are still in production today. To date Garage Project has made over 300 different beers and attracted a strong cult following internationally.

What sets us apart
Our aim is to create unique and beautiful beers. We like pushing boundaries, reinterpreting styles and challenging the notions of what beer can be, wether it be mixed fermentation and barrel aged beers, wines, and cider; all the way to 'traditional' styles. We are able to create a wide range of products not commonly seen anywhere else.

Most famous style

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