Epic Taproom

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How we started

We opened the Taproom as a pop up bar in our working warehouse as a way to engage with our customers, and show them everything Epic! The pop up proved to be much more popular than we had ever imagined, and we made the decision to make the Taproom a more permanent offering. We upgraded the building, installed a pizza kitchen, and setup the warehouse to be transformed into the Taproom every weekend.

What sets us apart

We are a really unique venue, in a very unconventional location. The Taproom is based in our working warehouse in an industrial unit in Onehunga. From Monday to Thursday it is very much a busy warehouse, with pallets being delivered, and orders being packed. Come Thursday afternoon, we set up the bar, and open our doors to the public. We offer the latest and greatest beer Epic has to offer along with freshly made, hand stretched pizzas.

Most Famous Style


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