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b.effect Brewing Co

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How we started

b.effect was started by James Hay back in 2015 with the idea of creating refreshing sessionable craft beers. In 2019 b.effect started building it’s own brewery & tasting room in the heart of Anderson Heights, Wanaka. They took an old car mechanic workshop and turned it into the brewery and taproom of their dreams. We now make a range of beverages beers, cider, ginger beer, & Kombucha’s all onsite.


The b.effect name comes from Edward Lorenz’s Butterfly Effect – ‘small changes can cause great effects’. We use this philosophy to guide us in the brewing process and how we operate as a business. Change is our only constant so we’re always looking to improve.

What sets us apart

b.effect is a small brewery in the heart of Wanaka. We create sessionable & refreshing beverages for everyone to enjoy.


Our purpose is to change the way we socialize and come together.


Our Values:

1. Our People – Our Community

2. Strive to do more with less – the planet will love you for it

3. Change is our only constant – embrace it

4. Take responsibility and show integrity

Most Famous Style

Wānaka Lager

Rebel for Kicks Hazy IPA

Daywalker Alcoholic Ginger Beer


b.Alive non-alcoholic Kombucha Range

Pop'n Pilsner NZ Style Pilsner

What's available at your venue

Fillery/takeaways on tap

Takeaways in bottles/can

Tasting flights

Beer on tap

Full menu

Takeaway menu

Family Friendly

Dog friendly

Outdoor seating

Wheelchair accessible

Brewery tours available

Take bookings

Free wifi

Merchandise for sale

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