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8 Wired Brewing Barrelworks


How we started

8 Wired was born in 2009, when New Zealand's craft beer revolution was still in its infancy. We began as we meant to go on, by

embracing the classic Kiwi qualities of ingenuity and innovation and putting out bold, experimental styles that no one else in the country was brewing. By sticking to this approach while remaining dedicated to quality, we've created a vast range of award-winning brews over the years that are as drinkable as they are unique.

What sets us apart

8 Wired continues to push the envelope when it comes to flavour, often putting unexpected twists on classic styles. We're the proud

operators of (we think!) the largest barrel aging programme in the Southern Hemisphere, which allows us to create funky and fantastic

sour ales unlike anything you've tasted before.

Most Famous Style

Wild Feijoa barrel-aged sour

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