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16 Tun


How we started

16 Tun is in the heart of the Wynyard Quarter, Auckland; under the ASB building and opposite the newly built Park Hyatt.

What sets us apart

16 Tun offers customers carefully crafted beers of independent brewers from all over New Zealand; passionate about providing the best beer New Zealand has to offer. Even the name is a nod to the brewer’s noble art. A Tun is an insulated brewing vessel used in the

mashing and lautering stages of beer making.

Most Famous Style

Behind the bar, you’ll find more than 100 of New Zealand’s best beers in the fridge, and another 19 on tap. Making craft beer

approachable is one of 16 Tun’s guiding principles. The beer list gives smart, easy to understand descriptions, so customers know what they are ordering.

What's available at your venue

Fillery/takeaways on tap

Takeaways in bottles/can

Tasting flights

Beer on tap

Bar snack menu

Full menu


Family friendly

Dog friendly

Outdoor seating

Wheelchair accessible

Take bookings

Merchandise for sale

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